About Enzyme Life Sciences

Each day, we are exposed to the risks of poor indoor air quality. Molds, viruses, allergens and dust are just a few of the airborne contaminates that affect our physical and mental health. Each year, mosquitoes and ticks become more infectious, spreading deadlier diseases.

While we all want to keep our families safe from these irritants, the majority of mold and insect removal treatments expose us to harsh chemical fungicides and pesticides that are not safe to breathe. This is why Enzyme Life Sciences provides safe, family-friendly and all-natural solutions.

In 2005, Enzyme Life Sciences was founded by Michael Partlow, Environmental Engineer from Clarkson University and Richard Partlow, Environmental Scientist from SUNY Brockport. The two brothers knew that natural issues like mold, pests and odors wouldn’t just solve themselves, but they couldn’t tolerate the thought of anyone, let alone children, breathing unsafe chemical agents. So the brothers decided to do some research of their own.

In consultation with a PhD in microbiology and a pharmaceutical scientist, amongst others, Enzyme Life Sciences began research and development for safe, natural solutions that would work just as efficiently as chemicals.  The core science behind their proprietary biological solutions is microorganisms extracted from plants that produce naturally-occurring enzymes.

In 2008, Enzyme Life Sciences’ clinical success and field studies resulted in the general release of their proprietary solutions. Today, Enzyme Life Sciences provides a suite of all-natural, family-safe solutions for mold cleansing, insect eradication, odor neutralization and more, used by both restoration professionals and homeowners worldwide.

Enzyme Life Sciences’ solutions are PROUDLY made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

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