Insect Eradication with DIS-Insect

Termites - Cockroaches - Bed Bugs - Ticks - Fleas - Ants - Spiders - Biting and Dust Mites - Parasites - Scabies - Lice & more
NOT A PESTICIDE!! No pesticide toxicity to treatment or residual! Pesticides attack the nervous system of the insect and are not always effective. The pesticide toxicity is unsafe for humans and pets. Over time insects develop a resistance to poisons and requiring additional treatment and stronger poisons.

All insects are composed of a high concentration of protein.

Enzyme Life Sciences proprietary Insect Cleaner DIS-Insect is a formulation of enzymes, bacterial, and nutrients that attack the cutine protein attaching the insects’ exoskeleton. The reaction cause the insect to shed its outer exoskeleton – a natural process known as molting as – faster than nature intended; leaving the insect exposed to elements. The cleaner attaches to the exposed cell membrane, breaks down, and consumes the organic matter.

Enzyme Life Sciences proprietary cleaner DIS-Insect is widely accepted in the field of insect cleaning as they leave no toxic residues, the results are quick, and the solutions are safe humans, pets, and plant life.

Insect treated include but are not limited to:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Mites – Dust, Biting, Bird, Other
  • Parasites
  • Lice
  • Scabies

Enzyme Life Sciences does not require deconstruction/reconstruction of any building materials to clean black molds, odors, or insect infestations. Building materials that are structurally compromised DUE to the infestation will require removal, i.e. sheetrock crumbling, wood warped from being underwater a long duration; OR support structures of wood not structurally sound due to a termite infestation.

It is relevant to note that DIS-Insect is more often one step taken in the process of a successful insect treatment.

For example, an apartment building with a severe bed bug infestation may require treatment which includes DIS-Insect, bed bug interceptors/traps, hot steam, and mattress protectors. Treatment may also include a spray bottle of DIS-Insect for repeat application, to use in laundry. Other insect infestations, such as cockroaches, may require other tools and processes.

DIS-Insect utilized as an outdoor treatment should be considered, like a pesticide treatment, temporary. DIS-Insect is a safe alternative to chemical treatments; protecting outdoor and greenhouse flowers and plants from insects, mites, and molds.

DIS-Insect is an excellent tool for Mosquito control. It can be used as a onetime treatment for Graduations, Receptions, Reunions any outdoor event. Or use to treat the entire lawn for the summer season to avoid mosquito beds in the lawn. Or it can be used in tandem with a co2 trap.

The preferred application technique for DIS-Insect is with a Fog. In this instance, a Fog can deliver the cleaner deep into cracks/crevices, into building materials pores, penetrating deeper into structure framing. The cleaner will migrate to its source of cleansing; meaning the cleaner does not need to come in contact with the source at time of application, the cleaner just needs to be introduced into the environment and will seek out its source. A Fog, in this instance, introduces the cleaner at a specified amount required to treat full infestations. DIS-Insect can also be applied with a spray mist.


Pricing is dependent on level of infestation, square footage of environment to be treated (DIS-Insect product consumed), and environment.

Pricing for one time Mosquito treatments begin at $125 for back or front lawns.

ELS Product Sheet Insects

ELS Product Sheet Insects

ELS DIS-Insect Safety Data Sheet

ELS DIS-Insect Safety Data Sheet

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