All Natural BIOREMEDIATION of Everyday Pollutants

Bioremediation is the introduction of biological organisms to consume pollutants

Odor Neutralization

UN-Odor is a unique blend of biologicals and essential oils that consume surface and airborne odor-producing molecules. Particles produced by molds, bacteria, fire smoke, pollen, pets, food preparation, and smoke are easily eliminated with UN-Odor.

Mold Cleaning

DE-Mold is uniquely engineered to eliminate mold, bacteria and viruses safely, and effectively from any structure. When you want to improve your indoor air quality by eliminating airborne toxins, DE-Mold is the all-natural option!

Insect Eradication

Safe for humans, pets, and plant life, insects cannot develop resistance to the ingredients inside DIS-Insect. Eliminate the need for toxic pesticides inside or around your home, by using DIS-Insect.

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