Enzyme Cleaners

Description of Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme Cleaners use natural processes to break down and consume organic wastes with extraordinary results.

Biological Solutions’ proprietary enzyme cleaners contain the necessary quality and quantity of specific enzymes, both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial, and other microbial nutrients and essential oils to efficiently break down and consume organic wastes.
Biological Solutions’ enzyme cleaners continue to work long after the initial application. They clean deep, reaching those hard to clean access places that a chemical cleaner alone could never reach. The organic waste to be cleansed is food for the Biological Solutions’ enzyme cleaners which will migrate to areas where their food is present.

How Enzyme Cleaners Work

Biological Solutions proprietary bio-enzyme cleaners are formulations of specific enzymes, bacterial, and nutrients. The enzymes in the solution, when applied, immediately go to work breaking down the organic waste. The bacteria then consume this fragment of waste immediately, having a plentiful supply of prepared food waiting for them. The growing bacteria will start to reproduce and generate their own enzymes, sustaining the life-cycle. The population can double in size every 15 minutes. As more and more of the organic waste is consumed – and less remains to be consumed, the bacteria stops producing enzymes. When the food source is depleted, all the organic waste has been consumed; the enzymes provide no function, the bacteria begin to die off and biodegrade.

Biological Solutions Cleaners

  1. Efficient and Safe Natural Process: By harnessing natural processes, Biological Solutions cleaners provide both immediate and long term benefits. The residual cleaning effects and the microbial capabilities provide deep penetration and removal efficacy unmatched by other cleaners.
  2. High quality bacteria strain selection: The ability to find and select unique, specialized microbes is the cornerstone of successful technology development.
  3. Synergistic Blending: Numerous microbial properties may be needed for a product to be effective. Often organisms with different capabilities are blended together producing a team that works together to greatly enhance activity. Each strain may break down a specific portion of a large, complex molecule making smaller molecules that feed the entire microbial population. Strains that breakdown different components of organic waste may be blended to provide a wide range of activity.
  4. Essential Nutrients: Special nutrients are added to supply the vitamins and minerals required for the greatest possible growth and activity of the bacteria. These vitamins and minerals may not be present in the waste and a lack of any one of them may seriously inhibit the growth or reproduction. They are added to the digestant product to assure the fastest, most efficient waste digestion.